1 min readNDC supporters hoot at military men in armoured vehicle at Hohoe.

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A military amoured vehicle that drove into an NDC rally grounds in Hohoe met the displeasure of some supporters. Party sympathisers who were then waiting for the arrival of their presidential candidate, H.E. John Dramani Mahama, jeered and hooted at the the armed military men as they drove into the rally grounds.

Following the disturbances of the Western Togoland successionist group, armed military men were deployed into the Hohoe Municipality to curtail the incidence and prevent future occurrences. However, the NDC and some indeigens of the municipality have argued that the deployment was a ploy to intimidate voters in the impending elections since none of the insurgence occured in the Hohoe Municipality .

The supporters however found it strange that military men who could not be a regular internal security apparatus drove into their rally grounds, heightening the suspecion of intimidation.

Watch the video below:

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