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I wanted to keep mute but upon further deliberation, l deem it necessary to write to you.

First of all l must say l was one of the people who defended you since your inception. After the sacking of Charlotte Osei, l predicted the next EC chair will be a woman. Your appointment was expectedly met with a lot of reservations due to the way Mrs Charlotte Osei left office. Many tipped you to fail especially when the issue of creating a new register begun but I must say when it comes to the registration, despite the covid-19 you did a great job. I knew you tab yourself at the back and happy you proved your doubters wrong. 

I was glad you did too.

Now to the core of this letter, 2020 general elections. As someone who was a temporal staff of the EC I must say the voting process was to a very large extent peaceful. As a PO l didn’t have missing names or breakdown of verification device and a lot of my colleagues confirmed that. Due to the way the voting went l was expecting a smooth collation and declaration but unfortunately that wasn’t the case.

You have dented all the works you’ve done with the way you handled the declaration. And these actions hasn’t just put the credibility of the 2020 elections into doubt but has put the country in danger.

How can something you used all these years to prepare be handled this way at the end ?

Madam Chair, what was there any law that compelled you to declare the results at a stipulated time? Was there a gun to your head to declare within 48 hours? How can sacrifice accuracy for speed?

How can a whole commission have problem collating just 16 regional results? How can a whole commission find it difficult to do a simple arithmetic before declaring?

Madam Chairperson, how did the results turn into chameleon changing now and then on your website?

I can’t speak to the allegations of rigging in favor of the NPP as alleged by the NDC but your own actions have given those allegations some substance. Even if their allegations are not true, you armed them wiknoweasons to disagree with you. Because this has become a great source of reference to most of the protestors.

Even the NPP can’t celebrate fully even though you declared them winners. Then how more the NDC? The protests on the streets has been influenced largely by the blunders in the declaration than the alleged rigging.

The Tsetsefly wants to fly and fortunately its been aided by the wind. Credibility is not commanded it is earned and unfortunately you opened more room for doubt and its very dangerous.

Any party in NDC’s shoes will do the same and might even do worse.

You and your commissioners did the country a very great disservice and its unpardonable. You are paid by the tax payer to do a clean job but you dented the whole process with your arithmetic and changing results flaws. So how do you expect me to see you as competent.

Madam Chair, l don’t know but of you would have been a little bit liberal to give a listening ear to some of the parties or have been a little patience before the declaration, all these will have been a little avoided if not totally averted. Yeah l knew you an independent body but don’t forget the head needs the rest of the body to function well.

I don’t know how this is going to end but you have left a scar on your reputation with this arithmetic and chameleon like results blunder.

As you reflect or move on in life l know you will pick some lessons for the future, l don’t expect you to still be at post even if Nana still remains the president but if faith favors  you, do well to learn from this experience.

I like you as a person but l’m disappointed by your avoidable errors.

Sincerely Yours,

Chief Iddi-Amin Fredouse.

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