Beef Alert! Nawanya brothers, ZyGee and Remedie at each other’s throats.

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There is a brewing tension in the camp of the Nawanya Family as two brother’s ZyGee and Remedie, are at each other’s throats. The entertainers are part of the same record label. 

Remedie Nawanya

It is not clear what may have started the ‘ ‘beef’ but sources say that the fight may be as a result of Remedie’s inability to recognize the record label in one of his works. 

He was confronted and it became evident that, he did it on purpose to make some statement. Incessant calls made by the team at to hear from both sides have proved futile. 


There is one thing building loyalty and another, allowing the demands of the society to take it away. Whatever the issues are, we hope the two brothers are able to resolve their differences. 

We are closely keeping tabs on this latest development. 


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