Stop the massive sand winning activities along the Keta beaches- Keta Municipal Assembly charged.

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The Keta Municipal Assembly has been charged to see to the end of the flippant sand winning activities along the Keta beaches. 

According to a post chanced upon by on the wall of one social media influencer and writer, V.L.K.  Djokoto, he has asked the Keta Municipal Assembly to ensure that the Police Service is called upon to assist in putting a stop to this form of environmental degradation. 

He also went on to say that Keta is a relatively low -lying area and any act of such magnitude without recourse to the environment exposes the land to further erosion. 

It is an open secret that the activities of sand winners along the Keta beaches have been on the lips of many. Incessant calls made by the indigenes of the affected areas to the authorities to make sure that something is done about this has fallen on deaf ears. 

The people fear that if care is not taken, there would be dire consequences in the near future. 


Join the movement! 

Sand winning must stop now. 

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