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God MC

Amet, the man of the people, legendary epitome of music so incredible
Your lyrics are on point like a nipple, extra hard ones, dem never be feeble, weaving euphoria through our souls, wey the dramatic effect be triple,
Invoking orgasmic excitement, a ripple, as we listen in awe and puzzle about how talent go fi look this simple
You dazzle us consistently, and indeed we supple, but should we lose focus for a minute, your lines become a dribble

You raise the bar high, so I’m hooked on your bars, call me a medic…
and maybe, a psychic,
cos you’re out of this world, and I need to connect, so say the vibe go be telepathic
Damn! this sh*t with you is cosmic
Other rappers’ lines be flaunting pathetic, and they be claiming market strategic, but all I dey see be absence of creative logic,
No wild emotions, just being an objective critic

You’re a rap complex,
Our minds need a daily dosage of wit to keep up with your kinda complex..
you’re the apex
Muhammad Ali protege, you’re simply the greatest
And if I may digress, your lush beard be giving ’em honies some kinda shivers, oh nah, not dorlele fevers, more of some drool-effect glitters
And so yes, you’re the God MC, the legendary M.anifest and your superiority will forever manifest..


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