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Dear, Dr. I first of all want to congratulate you on your appointment as a substantive Minister of Education. I must confess l have been your admirer since you came to the limelight. So to see you ascend to head the ministry, is refreshing.

Dr, I have some issues that need your attention. They are not new issues so l am sure you know about them already. But our people say until you kill the grasscutter destroying your maize you can not afford to stop setting your traps. I as well as many others have spoken about this but its still relevant to be reminded.

Sir, in commenting against Corporal punishment you are reported to have said children in US does well even in the absence of caning. But, sir, when you compare elephant to the rabbit in terms of size, it is only fair you compare them in terms of speed too.
Sir, are you sure the US will implement an educational policy for over a year and still not have textbooks to accompany it?
Will the US implement a major educational curriculum in the way and manner you did?

Since the inception of the new curriculum, there have been a total confusion and breakdown in the teaching processes. The teachers have not been properly trained to transform their teachings from the old ways to the new ways outlined in the new curriculum.
So when you enter our classrooms today, the only notable change is the classroom arrangement.

Again, the major confusion is found in the private schools. Most of these schools are just doing what they like. Some even did not attend any kind of training on the new curriculum and are not even privy to the various teaching pedagogies available to a teacher.

Every teacher teaches what pleases him or her because we are told to do research so people only present what information they are able to get base on the research they are able to do.But can you blame them ?

I know the new curriculum is not too test and examination oriented, but go to our private schools especially and you will see that the reverse is what is happening? End of topic test, end of week test , end of month test and so on.

This practicality exist not, still same old theoretical and examination oriented.
My question is who checks how the curriculum is implemented in our schools? And whether our kids are taught the right things.

To add, Sir, are you aware that the newly posted teachers who were trained based on the old curriculum are teaching? Can they deliver effectively?

Are the newly recruited teachers in our private schools teaching our children properly trained to teach according to the new curriculum?

Sir these are questions, l believe you can perfectly answer.

Now to my second headache. Sir please are you aware that the current basic 7 pupils have wasted 8weeks in school already? I know you will say they were supposed to do recap of what they learnt at basic 6. How can teachers who are yet to receive training in the new curriculum be able to effectively teach learners base on the new curriculum?

It is like telling my grandma to effectively administrate a social media group. The reality is that the basic 7 pupils learnt nothing actually and recapped nothing substantial. If anything at all they were confused than were taught.

After the mid semester break they will come back to continue but my question is what at all will they be taught when they return? Are we going to continue to unfairly treat this kids the way we did for the last 8weeks ?

Dear Sir, the CPP was postponed for about two times already and it is sad that teachers have no idea when it is coming off.

I just hope the CCP will not suffer the same fate that the primary one suffered. That will mean a total leadership failure and a great disservice to our future heroes.

Dr, some of us trust and believe in you so much to transform the sector because of your background in education.

I call on the media to help call on the stakeholders to do the needful and to the parents, l say pay attention to the content of what is fed to your kids by the schools. Do not just be cool with the smooth flowing English spoken by your children alone. Let us make sure our children are taught right.

Dr, l end my letter here hoping it reaches you as expected. As this is the first of many letters you will receive from me. Kind regards.

Chief lddi-Amin Fredouse
Ogbojo Presbyterian Basic School.


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