Rainstorm leaves scores electrocuted at Hwidiem.

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Residents of Hwidiem, a town in the Asutifi District are mourning the loss of some community members. 

According to the account, during a windy downpour at Amanfrom, a community near Hwidiem, electrical cables got disengaged from a pole due to a thunderstorm and in the process, some of the cables fell in the rain. 

The report went on to say that due to the wreckage caused by the storm in the area, the victims decided to go and seek refuge in nearby homes and unfortunately got electrocuted in the process. The victims were quickly rushed to the St. Elizabeth Catholic Hospital for treatment.

After a follow up by the police to the emergency ward, it was realized that three females and a male whose names were given as Janet Kwarteng aged 30, Kaakyire aged 25, Yaa Bertha aged 29 and Oduro Christian aged 14 were all pronounced dead by the medical officers on duty. 

Further investigations extended to the children’s ward revealed that three of the children, Simon Agyeman, Emmanuela Agyeman and Agyenim Boateng were pronounced dead on arrival. They were aged 7, 2 and 4 respectively 

Two of the victims were however in stable condition and one in critical condition and were receiving treatment.

The bodies were deposited at the hospital’s mortuary for autopsy and preservation.

Due to our strong image policy and the sensitivity of the incident, the visuals have been blurred.

Source: rymcitigh.com 

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