23-year-old man busted for attempting to use his nephew for money rituals.

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The police in the Sunyani District have arrested a 23-year-old man for attempting to use his nephew for money rituals. 

According to a vivid report available to rymcitigh.com, the suspect, named Benjamin Adjei, solicited help from Ishmael Owusu, a 41-year-old businessman a couple of weeks ago to lead him to a ritualist in order to become rich. 

The report went on to reveal that he, Benjamin Adjei, intended to use his nephew, Listowell Adjei, a 13-year-old boy for the sacrifice to perform the rituals. The suspect succeeded in luring his relative into a taxi cab in readiness to transport him to the ritualist. 

Due to the information given by the informant, the Police laid ambush at Tanoso Barrier and arrested the suspect, Adjei Benjamin,  who is a fashion designer. The victim was seen with hm. Items found in his possession were a hand bag containing one big cutlass, a knife, red calico, one big pot, a quantity of cola nuts and cowries. A cash sum of Ghc 300.00 was also recovered and retained. 

He confessed to the crime and is in detention at the District Headquarters, Sunyani, to assist in the investigation process. 

Efforts are however underway to arraign suspect Benjamin Adjei on Monday, 17th May, 2021.

Source: rymcitigh.com 

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