The sorry state of Anloga Community Library; facelift needed.

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Residents of Anloga, the capital of the Anloga District, are not happy with the state of the community library. 

The library which is situated at the Anloga E.P. Basic School Complex has been the oldest serving community library in the township. A tour around the facility revealed that the once crucial edifice which has contributed immensely to the nurturing and by extension, the academic wellbeing of the town’s glorified generation is lagging behind in terms of restructuring. 

Though the Ghana Library Board and the managers of the facility have been doing their best to see to the day-to-day running of the place, their best is always limited due to the changing times. The handlers have confessed that it has always been their wish to see the library upgraded to a modern one befitting enough but sadly, the reverse is the case. 

They also revealed that attempts have been made to contact well-meaning citizens of Anloga to help renovate the library but all their efforts have not seen the light of day. There were instances where people came on their own volition to assist but soon after they left, nothing had been heard from them. 

“A lot has been said for decades. We have heard promises upon promises but nothing has been done. The facility needs to be upgraded to a modern one with computers, proper tables and chairs, good story books, etc. Most of the shelves are empty. We are even tired of making the calls now because we know nothing will be done”, one of the handlers bemoaned. 

When the team at interacted with some of the indigenes, mostly the older folks, they expressed grave disappointment with the turn of events. They revealed the great role that the facility has played during their young years and the impact it has had on their children in the not too distant past. 

According to them, literacy is the way to go hence there should be that conscious effort to redirect the resources to meet this demand because the young ones need it. 

“This library is strategically positioned to accommodate everyone. That’s why those days, we were going there in our numbers. Times have changed, the facility has to be upgraded. Renovation works should take place to make it conducive for the young ones”, one elderly man opened up. 

A chitchat with the pupils in the town  revealed that they also wished for the place to be renovated and furnished with more interesting story books for them to read.


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