Meet Seyram Dei, the Ewe Traditional Folk, Highlife and Reggae musician from Peki.

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The real intention of an entertainer is to perform; leaving a lasting impression on the audience because posterity thrives on it. Our personality under focus is a perfect blend of wit and passion and has got the touch of a champion. 

Seyram Dei is a native of Peki Avetile, a community located in the South-Dayi District of the Volta Region, Ghana. As a child growing up in a community where the only source of entertainment was to sing solo or join a choir, he did not struggle finding such a fit. 

Indeed when the art of song composition became not merely an illusion, the thought of taking music to the highest level was almost irresistible. At a tender age, he would try to put his feelings into song writing as a way of relieving himself of boredom. With time, he grew to love music and the craft in putting pieces together. 

Seyram confessed that after his tertiary education, the desire to take music to the next level grew tremendously. He recalled using his first pay to buy an acoustic guitar and since then, he has never regretted. 

He revealed to that he had to find time and learn how to play the guitar online because, then, he did not have enough to pay for tuition. He also confessed that the guitar served as his artistic formula. 

On his genre of music, Seyram proclaimed that his style is Ewe Traditional Folk Music with a touch of sweet Ghanaian Highlife and Reggae influences. He recounted the impression that Kyekyeku, a live- performing artiste, has had on him. This according to him, has been of immense help in his career path so far. 

He had equally been on a couple of shows as well. His biggest platform was in Dusseldorf, Germany when he took part in a music, dance and theater workshop and performance last two years. He had also shared stages with Ghanaian Australian based musician, Afro Moses and Patoranking. 

On what the future holds for him, the ever smiling and vocal musician revealed that he is currently working to release his second album christened “ VROOM”, an acronym he explained as Volta Region’s  Organically Original Music. 

He trusts that his fans out there would keep up the faith in him because his only concern is to churn out quality songs that can stand the test of time. 


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