“Our wells are drying up”- Residents in Anloga District cry.

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The newly created Anloga District has been recognized for its immense contribution to the production of food crops such as shallot, tomato, onion, carrot, okra, and many more.

The introduction of technology in farming has helped farmers to increase production, hence an improvement on the social-economic status of the citizens in the district. The irrigation farming system which was introduced in the early 2000s by the late, Mr. Edward Kofi Ahiabor, a former District Chief Executive of Keta has suddenly become the choice of the farmers.

This system adopts the use of a water pumping machine, pipe and water sprinklers. The pumping machine draws water from the Earth which passes through the pipe and then sprinkles it on the farm. There is no denying the fact that this method of farming has helped farmers in the district to increase production since water supply has been made easier.

In spite of the enormous advantages that the irrigation farming has brought, most households located in the Anloga District and its enclaves are facing challenges. The underground water which is very difficult to access due to the poor rainfall patterns recorded in the past years, has been drawn for irrigation purposes. This has led a chunk of the wells in most households to dry up.

We are suffering and, it is not funny. The well my household depends on has dried up. We now rely on sachet water for our daily activities, a woman reveals.

To get tap water at home these days is expensive. You would spend a minimum of GHS 2000.00 (Two Thousand Ghana Cedis) to have a flowing tap at home, we have therefore resorted to buying water from our neighbors who have a tap at home and from sachet water vans. We buy a bucket of water for 50 pesewas, an angry food vendor also revealed.

The residents are therefore appealing to the authorities to help in solving the problem which has become pervasive and financially-draining.


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