Redefining Student Leadership; meet UCC SRC Presidential hopeful, Bless Michael Norviewu, the problem solver-READ!

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Student leadership has become a springboard for the future leaders to learn about the rudiments of governance and all that it takes to contribute their own quota to the geopolitical development of the country someday. No matter how long it takes, it has to be actualized. Come along as we unmask our strategist.  

Bless Michael Norviewu, is a native of Gbi Wegbe, a town located near Hohoe, Volta Region, Ghana. He, just like any proud young man, intends to carry on the beautiful touch of effecting change in his own small ways towards the betterment of society. The reason, he prefers to do what is right in order to get recognized and resoundingly appreciated. 

The former SRC President of Jasikan College of Education for the 2010/2011 Academic Year knew from holding such an enviable yet challenging portfolio in the past that a day would surely come for him to showcase the experience garnered all the years. According to him, he has been battle ready for the task. 

Today, he has shown enough will by submitting himself to be elected as a faithful servant to help in solving most of the challenges faced by students of the University of Cape Coast in the capacity as the SRC President. He sees this honour , as another of those glorious moments to serve and to help humanity. 

Bless believes strongly that this is the time for student leadership to partner with central administration to help in mitigating challenges confronting ordinary students on campus. According to him, the era in which strong leadership has to show up in order to change the status quo has arrived and that, his leadership is all for the reforms. 

During a chat time with, the courageous and intelligent aspirant revealed that leadership should not be about being sentimental but rather being robust, just and straightforward. He also stated emphatically that his resolve is to help students with the proper conducive environment to study and to thrive. 

The former School Prefect of Hohoe EP Senior High School, further revealed that, one of his main objectives of joining the race is to help correct the problem of inadequate space for students to undertake their core duties, since the development is negatively affecting studentsโ€™ academic performance. In effect, he would largely try his maximum best to improve upon what the successive administrations failed to do because he believes, he has been duly prepared for this moment. 

The highly opinionated aspirant says, he is always buoyed by words of Martin Luther King Jnr โ€œif a man has not discovered something that he will die for, he is not fit to liveโ€. He gave the clearest indication that serving humanity is his passion and that is what drives his inner satisfaction. 

It is his hope that people would see him for who he is because, he believes in equal right and equity. 

A fine gentleman who undoubtedly has learnt the ropes of leadership and is ready to step unto the next big stage, hopefully, your heart desire is fulfilled. We can only wish you the very best in the elections, Sir! 

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