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A seeming tension is brewing at Amedzofe E.P. College of Education over calls by the Paramount Chief of the Avatime Traditional Area, Osie Adza Tekpor VII, to remove Amedzofe from the college’s name. He proposed the name Avatime E.P. College of Education (AVACO). 

Principal’s letter to the  Chief of Amedzofe. 

According to reports intercepted by, the development has divided a lot of opinions amongst the people of the Avatime enclave. While some welcomed the move, majority are of the view that the change of name is immaterial at the moment and that this could further cause division among the Avatime communities. 

Sources also say that, most of the Chiefs and Elders of Amedzofe were not informed about the paramount chief’s intention prior to his pronouncement. They were however taken aback as to why such an important issue would be kept away from them. This singular act of the Overlord, according to the youth, is a display of betrayal of trust and an affront to the will of the people. 

The letter from the Paramount Chief of Avatime, Osie Adza Tekpor VII.

They also argue out that the only thing that the college needs now is infrastructural expansion in order to attract more numbers into the school. The indigenes who spoke passionately about the issue posited that the college needs to rediscover its glory days. 

The Avatimes have so many communities in the enclave such as Amedzofe, Vane, Biakpa, Dzogbefeme, etc. All these communities are under one paramountcy. 

In a related development, a group calling itself Youth and Concerned Citizens of Amedzofe has petitioned their Chiefs against the activities of the Avatime Traditional Council (ATC). Amongst other things, they registered their displeasure about the lack of development in the area,  the change of name and a host of other issues. 

They are therefore calling on the Chiefs from Amedzofe to abstain from any activity in the name of Avatime Traditional Council or Osie Adza Tekpor VII

Petition from the Youth and Concerned Citizens of Amedzofe. 


The E.P. College of Education at Amedzofe, was established by the Bremen Missionaries as part of moves to educate and train professional teachers. Since then, a lot of teachers have been churned out and are doing marvelously well in their chosen fields. 

In the midst of all these brouhaha, what is yet to be known is whether the owners of the school, the E.P. Church, have been consulted since the school is under their tutelage. 

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