Cholera outbreak imminent at Klomi Kpota; residents demand completion of abandoned toilet facility- READ!

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Klomi Kpota is a town located within the Adzato enclave and falls under the direct supervision of the Anloga District Assembly. The two vibrant economic activities found in this part of the country are mat weaving and fishing.

When paid a visit to the town as part of its community engagement, it became evident that only about five(5) households have modern and functional toilet facilities, which include KVIP and water closets. About six households have improvised pits covered with wooden slaps for the use of their households.

Abondoned Public KVIP

It is unfortunate to note that, the rest of the households have no option than to defecate in the bush, an act that posses serious health hazards to them and the community as a whole. The residents are not happy that work on a new toilet facility has stalled for reasons they cannot explain.

According to the Hanua of Kpota, the construction of the facility started some 16 years ago but has been abandoned. He further revealed that all efforts and appeals made by the people of Klomi Kpota to the authorities to help complete the eight-seater-toilet facility have not yeilded any positive result.

Abandoned KVIP

“We are in the rainy season and we are aware there could be a possibility of a cholera outbreak in the community but what can we do?” a resident poured his frustration.

As if that is not enough, a community of about 500 people lacks a modern school. The children who feel awakened and motivated to go to school walk for about 13 kilometres daily to access education in a nearby village known as Akplorfudzi. This situation has led to a lot of the community’s future prospects staying out of the classroom.

Abondoned KVIP at Klomi-Kpota

“My ward of five years is not attending school because of the distance she has to walk daily to get to the school. Even those in their early teens are not ready to complete what they started. They claim the distance is not helping issues at. For me, I feel for the girls. There is no motivation for them”, a concerned parent stated.

The Hanua and the people of Klomi Kpota are pleading with the Anloga District Assembly to find a final solution to their plights.

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