Cervical Cancer Awareness: Lawyer Eric Ɖelanyo Aliƒo takes his campaign to Ho-West Constituency- READ!

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Some residents of the Ho-West Constituency in the Volta Region of Ghana were taken through a special health screening exercise to check their Cervical Cancer level. The exercise was targeted at women ranging from 19 to 49 years old who are sexually active. 

The outreach which had become necessary due to the high rate of cervical cancer cases in the country drew young men and women from the district. The exercise which was said to be the beginning of many of such engagements had one main objective; to keep the citizenry healthy for their daily hustles. 

When rymcitigh.com caught up with the team, they revealed that the screening exercise is a way of giving back to society. They also revealed the exercise would be replicated across the major towns in the Ho-West District. It was his prayer and hope that a lot of people would be aware that cervical cancer is real and so take the necessary actions to keep themselves healthy. 

The opportunity was also used to drum home the need to take medical checkups seriously in order to live a sickness-free life. 

At the end of the three-day screening, a total of 79 women were screened for Cervical Cancer and a total number of 457 people were screened for other illnesses such as Blood Pressure, Blood Sugar, HIV, Malaria, and Joint Pains. 

Medical partners who were on deck to help the programme become a success 

were SAFEPLAN Sexual and Reproductive Centre, Ashiaman, FIRST Family Pharmacy, Ho Godokpe and UHAS Medical Students Association, Ho. 

The residents expressed gratitude to the organizers for thinking about them. They promised to take their checkups seriously henceforth.


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