Dominating male territory; up-close with Rejoice Emefa Twista, the female kente weaver.

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When the desire to triumph over the actual interpretation of what really transcends gender, the positive effect is the sheer believe that after all, it should not hinder progress. Our special pick for the week derives so much joy in what she has set out to do. She weaves kente for a living. 

Born Rejoice Emefa Twista, from Agotime Kpetoe, a town located in the Agotime Ziope District of the Volta Region of Ghana, she had dreams of becoming a journalist of great repute and imparting lives. Her early life as a teenager saw her enrolling in Agotime Senior High School to persue General Arts. This, she said, was to catapult her to her ultimate dream. 


When followed up on a lead by one Akosua Missy of Agotime Kente, the now proud professional Agbamevor kente weaver was all smiles and as usual, doing what makes her happy in the loom. She revealed that while growing up amongst males in her area, she never had to learn to weave. She practically observed and practiced whenever she had the opportunity. 

Emefa a.k.a. Azor disclosed that she decided to join the predominantly male profession because it was the only thing that she could think of as a challenging alternative to pursuing journalism which never came to fruition. She confessed that she now enjoys weaving as a trade and would advise any female to follow suit. According to her, being the only lady in active professional kente weaving in the entire Agotime State makes her consider herself a pace setter and an achiever. 

On the challenges encountered, she said that though there is a financial rewarding to kente weaving, the economic situation prevailing in the country has affected business in recent times. 

Emefa made a passionate appeal to the government to establish a kente market at Agotime Kpetoe because the town boasts of true and authentic kente. According to her, the market should be their One District One Factory package. This, she said, would go a long way in helping the indigenes who are so passionate about kente weaving benefit from the craft.

The professional kente weaver for her leisure time plays football to relieve stress and also to keep herself healthy. 

Visit her Facebook page,  E² Relaunch Kente Pub. You can also call her for a business conversation on 0269292549 


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