Nurturing young minds; meet Delalinam Besa Amegago, author and Mathematics teacher at KETASCO.

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Mathematics as a subject the world over has been a mountain that most students struggle to climb. Since time immemorial, the attitude towards the subject across all the levels in Ghana is nothing to write home about. There is one genius who has been trying to demystify the fear surrounding Mathematics. This promises to be revealing. 

Delalinam Besa Amegago hails from Dornorgbor, a suburb of Anloga in the Anloga District of Volta Region, Ghana. The former student of Keta Senior High Technical School and Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology has undoubtedly been an ardent lover of the subject right from his early days at school.  It was that love that gingered him to pursue General Science at the SHS level and since then, he has never regretted his decision. 

The MPhil holder in Statistics and now, a Mathematics teacher at KETASCO revealed to that his ultimate desire has always been to make students understand mathematical concepts correctly hence, his strong interest in the NSMQ and other competitive exams over the years. 


Having learnt the ropes and being an enthusiast himself, the idea of producing comprehensive documents which would guide contestants of the popular quiz competition and helping students in general with the basics in Mathematics became a call visibly. His newest addition to advancing the course is titled “Thinking Mathematics”. He revealed that it took him sixteen months to work on it. 

The 613-paged book explains Mathematics concepts, formulae and examples. It also highlighted the profile and the work of some prominent mathematicians and many more. 

Delalinam a.k.a. Rootical revealed that this work is first of its kind and has been reviewed by all those who matter, including two PhD holders and past NSMQ contestants. So far, he has three books to his credit, namely, The Real Number System (July, 2019), A Treatise on Quadratics ( May, 2021) and Thinking Mathematics (August,  2021). He trusts that the contribution to the stock of knowledge available to the students would be properly utilized. 

He advised the students across the length and breadth of the country to develop love for Mathematics because it is life-engaging and a necessity. He also took the opportunity to pay glowing tributes to the teachers who in one way or the other influenced his journey thus far. 

His newest addition is available on the market. Contact him for bulk purchase. 

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