Why a vote for Bless Michael Norviewu as the UCC SRC President is a vote for quality leadership.

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As the students of University of Cape Coast count down to the final moments of electing a new leader, Bless Michael Norviewu, one of the UCC SRC Presidential hopefuls has been making positive incursions with his identity. 

Here are few things that you need to know about the brand, BM;

✔️ He is an Advocate. At age 16, BM as a Boys’ Prefect led his colleagues through strong advocacy to demand for some items they had paid for as part of their admission but were delaying. They received the items and a refund of the balance. 

✔️ He is compassionate. As SRC President at Jasikan College of Education, his first act was to stop the practice where students on campus were forced to weed in the name of “training”. Though he had gone through that, he knew it was inappropriate. He later purchased mowers for that purpose. 

✔️ He is a problem solver. As SRC President in Jasikan College of Education, he raised the needed funds to purchase a plant for the school during the era of dumsor. The total amount of SRC dues accumulated was about 8000.00 cedis and the cost of plant was 50,000 US dollars. However, BM made it possible. 

✔️ He is a proactive and an innovative leader. As SRC President in Jasikan College of Education, he monetized a borehole that had been dugged by the previous administration and converted it into a sachet water factory to supply the students at subsidised cost. In order to generate income for subsequent projects, some were sold to the indigenes. 

✔️ He is still serving. Realising some of his colleague teachers in the university are studying without study-leave, he championed a course to ensure that over 400 students across all university campuses in Ghana attained study-leave in order to study in comfort. 

BM trusts in the resolve of the students to give him the nod to lead because, he is convinced without a shred of doubt that he is the only candidate with an impeccable records. He believes that the next SRC needs strong and experienced leadership.

A vote for No.3 on the ballot is all that is needed to cause that change. 


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