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The paramount roles that the second-cycle schools have played in the educational revolution of Ghana cannot be downplayed. One of such schools that is still carrying the touch and helping to shape the next generation is Zion College of West Africa, popularly christened ZICO, located at Anloga, Volta Region, Ghana.

Zion College of West Africa which initially started off as New Africa University College has gone through tremendous changes to arrive at its current state. The school is regarded as one of the oldest in the Volta Region with an astounding academic background.

Details available to reveals that it was in response to the acute need of facilities for post elementary education in the then Ewe territory that in 1937, the New Africa University College was established. By 1935, there were some 164 church elementary schools in what is now the Volta Region of Ghana but the opportunities for further education were extremely slim. There was not a single secondary school in the entire Ewe territory. This was the void that Rev. F.K. Fiawoo decided to fill in 1937.

The college had to begin from scratch as it were. With the help of some devoted young teachers, Rev. Dovlo, the Headmaster endeavoured to rebuild the college. Arrangements were quickly made for classroom and boarding facility at Keta and Dzelukofe and the College reopened on Friday, 6th February, 1953. The College shared classroom with the Anlo State School at Kedzikofe. The pupils did one session and closed at 12noon while the Zion College students used the classrooms in the afternoon.

It was during the term of office of Rev. G.E. Fiawoo, a son of the founder, that the school undertook another momentous move this time to return to Anloga. The school ended its sojourn at Keta/Dzelukofe/Vui in 1967. At the beginning of the first term of the 1967/68 academic year, the school moved into a new residence at Zico, Anloga(Present Location). With the help of the Cocoa Marketing Board, two dormitory houses, one dining hall and a bungalow were built for the school. This marked the beginning of yet another chapter in the annals of the school.

Fast forward to present day, ZICO has become a home of making dreams possible. Undoubtedly, the fortunes of the school has by far skyrocketed and become a shining light for many.
Both past and present administrators have contributed to the growth of the school.

The current Headmaster, Mr. Innocent Augustt, leads the school with a staff strength of about 160, comprising of both teaching and non-teaching.

The student enrolment is about 2,100, with the girls forming the greater percentage. It has four traditional houses which are Sri, Akpalu, Kotoka and Nkrumah. There are state of the art dormitories and other structures to accommodate the students.

With the rich academic background, courses such as General Science, Agriculture Science, General Arts, Visual Arts, Home Economics and Business are offered in the school. This is to make sure that the students are fully prepared for the task ahead. Over the years, the school has grown into a model amongst its compatriots.

Some notable personalities have passed through the school. Below are some of them:

The Late Torgbui Adeladzea II(The Awomefia of Anlo), Mr.Sam Okudzeto ( A Lawyer and a former Council of State Member), Prof. D.E.K Amenumey, Prof John B.K Aheto, The late Prof Kofi Awunor, Dr. Nyaho Tamakloe, Hans Kofi Boni, Capt Joel Sowu, Prof. G.K Nukunya, Mamavi Owusu-Aboagye(Joy News) and a host of others.

A big ‘Ayekoo’ to the stakeholders of the school for always putting the academic ambitions of the school first.

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