African Leaders Betrayed Colonel Mu’ammar Al-Qadhdhāfī

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When African leaders betrayed this true Pan Africanist, I knew our Africa Union was doomed.

It spoke volumes on how our leaders stood for nothing, no principles, no solidarity and no self believe.

Col. Gaddafi believed in Africa, he stood for Africa against his comfort, he invested in Africa and he wanted to see a United Africa.

Some of our leaders who never even stood for themselves saw him as a threat to their inferior opinions.

Today the Africa Union is the poorer without this true Pan Africanist, the imperialist won over us again, riding behind their puppets masquerading as African leaders.

The evidence of the misguided intervention in Libya is the 200,000 tons of Small Arms and Light weapons currently proliferated in Libya.

The evidence of this betrayal of Africa is the upheaval in Northern Mali and the Sahel region.

The evidence of this travesty against Africa is the current ravaging war in Libya and the inadequate funding of the Africa Union.

The evidence is this poor unevaluated intervention is the terrorist insurgency in Burkina Faso.

It is sad that, most of our leaders still think that whatever Europe or America think or say is the voice of God without any logical projections of consequences that will be triggered by the interest driven propositions.

Mine is a tribute to Col. Gadafi, a true son of Africa, an African that understood what will make us great.

Col. Gadafi saw and understood the potency of a United and integrated Africa, he knew the power Africa had to dictate the new world order, but Alas the sellouts were among us as our brothers ready to sabotage us for pittance.

Alas the imperialist understood the vulnerability and gullibility of sellouts within us.

If the one time bank roller of Africa Union could be betrayed, then every one can be.

But in all things, may God save Africa and make us great.

Bening Ahmed
Deputy Secretary-General
Pan African Youth Union

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