HEALTH: Kpetoe Health Centre vaccinates staff and students of AGOSEC- DETAILS!

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Some staff and students of Agotime Senior High School, one of the second cycle schools located in the Agotime Ziope District, received their first jab of the AstraZeneca vaccine yesterday, Wednesday, 20th October, 2021.

At a briefing before the start of the vaccination exercise, the leader of the team who also doubles as the Health Director of the Agotime Ziope District, Mr. Matthew Ayamba Adam, allayed the fears of the prospective jab takers and encouraged everyone to get onboard since the pandemic is no respecter of persons. He also revealed the repercussions of refusing to get vaccinated as the possibility of getting the virus is higher. According to him, the government is making it possible for  everyone in the country to get vaccinated since the vaccines are closer than before. He drummed home the need for the COVID-19 protocols to be observed since the virus is still wrecking havoc.

The students who were highly elated about the exercise asked genuine questions to clear their doubts on some lingering issues concerning the vaccines. 

Some participants who received their first jab expressed so much delight in the smoothness of the exercise. 

“I didn’t even notice when the vaccine entered my system. I must confess that it was faster and stress-free than I thought since a lot of conspiracy theories are in the system. I’m glad I took the first one. Hopefully, the second jab too would come as promised “, an excited teacher revealed. 

“ My friends tried stopping me from taking the jab but after the explanation, I was clear in my mind. I’ve no regrets at all, I’ve my card now. I can’t wait for the second and last jab”- a student noted. 

The team on their part promised to come back to the school for the second jab when the time is due. A similar exercise is being carried out in the district in a bid to have a healthy nation. 

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