Organic Sack Farming: Meet Victus Kwabla Sabutey, the gem at the centre of it all- DETAILS!

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Crop production and the engineering of it for domestic consumption has always been with humanity since the coming into being of the earth. In times past, produce from the farm, be it subsistence or commercial has been cultivated organically. Today, we look into the life of a gem who is a devotee of organic food cultivation and consumption. 

Known as Victus Kwabla Sabutey, the passionate advocate was born in Keta and raised in Anloga, all coastal towns located in the Volta Region of Ghana. 

The old student of KETABUSCO obtained his undergraduate degree in Political Science as well as his Master of Public Health in Health Policy Planning and Management from the University of Ghana. The determined fellow went on to obtain certificate in Health Education from the world renowned, Simon Fraser University. Suffice it to say that our personality is well-lettered and has got a lot of achievements under his belt. 

Victus, who opened up to, revealed that he birthed the idea of organic sack farming in the year 2014 and has since been producing all their required vegetables at home. After satisfying their home vegetables need, they sell the excess produce which has helped other urban households have access to organically produced vegetables with a better shelf-life.

He also revealed that through the innovation of organic sack-farming, urban households have realized their dreams of growing and eating chemical-free vegetables and other crops all year round using sacks and other receptacles. The end product, according to him, has always been one to look forward to after a catchy harvest. 

The ‘organic man’ has an unblemished load of experience as far as issues relating to health programming, media landscape and environment are concerned. This spans over thirteen years. He was in 2009, trained and commissioned after a highly competitive search as Climate Change Master Trainer in the world by the World Bank Institute. 

His current innovation in combating climate change and improving health outcomes has been Organic Sack Farming, and “SackRevolution”, which has been profiled by the German public state-owned international broadcaster (Deutsche Welle or DW TV), Ghana Broadcasting Corporation (GTV), and Turkish National Radio and Television (TRT). 

In academia, his innovation has been profiled and published by the Institute of Environment and Sanitation Studies (IESS), University of Ghana. He has had to his credit several publications within the health and environment landscape.

Recently, his abstract for the internationally acclaimed Next Generation Thought Leaders (Next G) Conference of the University of Ghana, on Environment and Sustainability was approved among the lots across the globe for paper presentation on his new initiative. His presentation, “Farming In Cities Where There Is No Land”, was on 29th July, 2021 adjudged by the University of Ghana as the overall best and “Outstanding” after the conference.

Currently, he serves as an Ex-Officio Member of the Steering Committee of the C2R-CD project providing strategic direction to project implementation as well as developing external partnerships and expanding networks.

His advice to families in Ghana and across the globe is to grow what they eat organically devoid of toxicity. This, he said, with much emphasis is the only way to ensure that there is food security. 

Great man with clear cut intentions geared towards a healthy and informed society. May this initiative gather more steam, Sir Victus. Congratulations are in order on this beautiful journey. You are a pacesetter.

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