“Vegetable farming is one of the quickest ways of making some good money in Ghana “- young Ghanaian female farmer reveals.

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Madam Eva Akpene, a KNUST graduate who has taken to farming as a way of earning extra cash has revealed her adventures in the agribusiness. 

According to details sighted by rymcitigh.com on her Facebook wall, she revealed that she had to do a lot of research and exploration in order to venture into vegetable farming, cabbage production, to be precise. According to her, it is one of the quickest ways of making some good money in Ghana. 

The Biologist and CEO/Co-Founder of Agro Women Africa further revealed that it took her months to draft a business plan, search for land closer to a water body, look for partners and workers to make this dream a reality. 

In spite of the benefits at the end of harvesting, the KNUST graduate reckoned that agriculture is very expensive and it takes the brave to make an investment in the sector. She disclosed that inasmuch as she laid out good plans, there were so many hurdles that she had to overcome. 

Contrary to assertions that agriculture is  reserved for those who did not make it to school, there are now growing number of educated people who are making erodes in the agribusiness. Another encouraging feature about this narrative is that more women are venturing into it and making such a compelling case.


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