The story behind the two-headed coconut tree that gives twins-DETAILS!

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People who believe strongly in nature and all that it offers sometimes, are of the view that nothing happens out of the blue. God in His own wisdom has special gifts for His creations, whether difficult to comprehend or not. How far are you willing to go in search of twins? Do you believe that God speaks to us through objects?

Located at Anloga- Low Cost in the Anloga District of Volta Region is a two-headed coconut tree that has brought fortunes to the family that planted it. According to the details, the wonder two-headed coconut tree was planted by one Mr. Eliyah Agbenyemor in the year, 1990. Just like a normal tree initially, it was expected to bear fruits for consumption but something miraculously happened along the way. Today, in addition to the fruits, there is another gift from the tree.

The narration further revealed that four daughters of the man who planted the tree have all given birth to a set of twins fueling, the believe that there is something special about the presence of the tree in the house. According to one of the sons of Mr Eliyah Agbenyemor, the gift of twins found in the lineage could only mean that the family is blessed. He hammered on the point that his father had nothing extraordinary in mind when he was planting the tree.

“My father who planted this coconut tree decades ago had nothing other than fruit bearing in mind. For him, he was only planting a tree to green the environment and nothing else. But today, the story is different. People look at my family and they marvel at the procreation of twins. Some even attribute the fortunes to the tree. Maybe, it is true after all that God is uniquely speaking to us through the coconut tree”, he said.

The tree has also caught the attention of some students and their teachers who came to learn more about the story behind it.

What would be your own interpretation of this story? It is just a mere coincidence or God is intentionally sending out a message to the Agbenyemor Family?

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