Dutiful and Meritorious: Meet the people’s man, Sylvester Kumawu, Assemblyman for Amutinu/Salakope Electoral Area.

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While some people believe that leaders are made, a chunk are also of the view that a considerable number of them are born and inherently prepared to steer affairs imposed on them by their followers to its glory end. On our profiling zone today is a young man whose meritorious leadership is making a strong case for the empowerment of the youth. Be our guest. 

Born in Akosombo and later relocated permanently to Anloga, the “Celebrity Assemblyman” as nicknamed has revealed going through a blend of a bitter-sweet experience while growing up. After back and forth with his basic education, he was finally set for life’s breakthrough. 

The proud alumnus of Zion College of West Africa( ZICO), Ada College of Education and Valley View University during a chat with rymcitigh.com disclosed that being raised by a single mother was really humbling. According to him, life then, was very challenging as he resorted to playing truancy and dropping out of school in the process. He also revealed that even though he became a truck pusher at a point, his purpose in life was not taken away. Being on his feet today inspiring his generation is the best feeling ever. He acknowledged the fact that the distractions encountered early on might have pushed him to go the extra mile in pursuit of his dreams. 

On his political journey so far, the young assertive and vibrant Assemblyman revealed that he had never for once thought of being a politician. He has always been motivated by the impact others of his age are able to render to society. This and many other burning desires to help people become what they want in life have caused him to be part of grassroot politics. Since then, to the glory of God, he confessed his tenure has seen a lot of glory days. 

Even though there is an impression out there that the young people’s motivation to enter politics is to join the money making spree, Sylvester’s show of meritorious leadership as an Assemblyman for his people at Amutinu and Salakope has been telling and a beam of ray for all to see. 

Under his tutelage and able leadership,  students are being supported through SHS to the tertiary, 3-unit classroom block with ICT laboratory and CHPS compound with bungalow were built. Courtesy his lobby prowess, the science laboratory for the school within his electoral area was furnished with equipments. He has also helped constituents to register unto the NHIS for free, LEAP  for the aged and widows was successfully solicited through him and a host of other brilliant initiatives.

Recently, he organized a programme dubbed “Love Feast” for the children who suffered the tidal waves devastation. This initiative was supported by the Ketu South MP, Honourable Dzifa Abla Gomashie. He hopes that government would expedite action on the second phase of the Blekusu Sea Defence Project in order to solve the perennial problem his people are bedeviled with. 

The trained teacher and Assembly member seized the moment to admonish youth of his calibre who are goal-getters and have dreams of contributing their quota to the development of the country. He told them to be weary of impersonators and people who always think that the youth should be relegated to the background in terms of policy making. It is his fervent hope that equal opportunities would be given to everyone irrespective of the age gap. 

He also paid glowing tribute to his ever-present godfather and confidant, Hon. Foga Nukunu for his good counsels at all times. 

At Rymcitigh, we believe strongly that the  hall of fame and its footsteps are like twins. They glow together and never whither. Congratulations on always choosing your people first. May your path continue to blossom in your resolve to change lives. All the best, Hon.


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