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When God instituted marriage, He gave each and everyone a responsibility to play. This arrangement from the inception of the earth has always been unambiguous. The psychological upbringing that children are subjected to at home today, has a bearing on how well they grow to appreciate the essence of humanity.

My fellow young fathers, the onus lies with us largely to be present in the lives of our children. Let us be there for their social, financial and moral upbringing. Let us not take this for granted as the possibility of its coming back to haunt us if we default is high. In the past, most fathers were not at their best. Let us not copy them.

Growing up, I saw the painful scars they inflicted on their supportive wives and by extension, the children. Most fathers in the past were never there for their families. Through thick and thin, the wives(mothers) displayed varied emotions and financial meandering to make sure that their children’s future had an assurance. In the process, a lot of unresolved issues and injuries were inflicted on the psyche of the children after making it to the top. No wonder mothers were and are still celebrated.

Having realized that there is meat on the bone, then out of nowhere; kind courtesy society’s patriarchal system, the fathers come shoulder high demanding for their pound of flesh. There is always something annoying about the way they go about it too. Sometimes, they are not remorseful. The sense of entitlement comes in at this stage. The chorus, “I gave birth to you” becomes so loud at this point. The surname is used to hoodwink at a point.

I believe strongly that the habit of always playing second fiddle and engaging in glory-hunting are archaic and unreasonable. If fathers really want the honey tomorrow, they should make sure that the beehive is well organized today. This should be a simple assignment.

Those phallus-wielding males too who engage women, put them in the family way and take to their heels and later reappear when the child is ready to be harvested should bow their heads in shame.

Children are a gift from God and as such, should be given the necessary care and attention. I know, this is a thorny issue but it has to be said.

Congratulations to fathers who were there for their families in the past. I believe they have been enjoying the fruit of the success stories.

For God, for us and for country, fellow contemporary fathers. Let us not disappoint our children, for they believe so much in us to cause a change. I know with Christ in the vessel, we shall smile at the storm.

All the best.

Nutefe Worla ✍️

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