Word Play: Meet Mawuli Ekuadzi, the undisputed Pun Artiste cum Lab Technician-READ!

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The avid literary lover would explain pun to mean the simple act of playing with words to create fun. Others have also termed it “fun transliteration”. How far can you go when you are called upon to string words together to entertain? Well, our Pun Artiste says he has got more to keep you entertained.

Known in real life as Mawuli Ekuadzi, the lab technician cum pun artiste who hails from Anloga has always been an ardent lover of literary work right from his basic and senior high school days. 

The old student of Mawuli SHS and Accra Technical University during a chat with rymcitigh.com revealed that everything that he is manifesting today has taken years to master even though, he reckons, the love for it has been there. He blends his transliteration with English, Ewe, Ga, Akan and Pidgin. 

Below are some of his repertoire of works which normally get his followers entertained on Facebook. Have fun. 

  • English: Jose, the path looks like breast.

        Aŋlɔ: Jose Mourinho

  • English: Didier! drop the load, I’d catch it. 

        Aŋlɔ: Didier Drogba, Mali.

  • English: Respect the snake but respect ran away. 

        Aŋlɔ: Buddha gake Bubuashi

  • English: Jomo, open my legs

        Aŋlɔ: Jomo Kenyatta

  • English: Pep, do not look for it

        Eʋedome: Pep, Guardiola.

  • English: Bernard, hold the breast. 

        Ewe: Bernard Leno

  • English: Roberto, mash it and let’s drink

        Ewe: Roberto Firmino

  • English: Doctor cheated your left

         Ewe: Dɔkta Bawumia

  •  English: Let us ask your mum

         Eʋedome: Namibia, Norway

  • English: Hold your gun

         Akan: Sowutuom

  • English: Auntie, you didn’t fry it, so we won’t eat.

        Akan: Anty, Wenchi nti Yendi

  • English: Lucy! Take it, Naa has stumbled.

        Akan: Lucifer, Napoli.

  • English: Solomon don’t be silly

       Ga: Salomon Kalou

  • English: It’s like water, don’t eat

        Akan: Asensio, Mendy

  • English: There’s an LG living in Q

        Twi: LGBTQ

  • English: Akufoh-Addo cheated and squeezed them 

        Eʋe: Akufo-Addo — Bawumia

  • English: Mubarak is stuck on it.

        Twi: Mubarak Wakaso

  • English: I have drawn a leg

        Ewe: Metaphor

  • English: Remove your hand

        Anlo: Rashida

  • English: Spit it out

        Ewe: Twitter

  • English: Medicine only 

        Eʋedome: Amakye Dede

  • English: Laugh at thunder’s testicles Ewe: Kosovo

He is popularly known on Facebook as Eli Kulgong. Visit his Facebook page for more of his acts. You can equally visit Rymcitigh for more updates. 


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