“Volta Region” is not a TOWN. Stop saying “ I’m from Volta Region” or, I’m going to Volta Region”.-READ!

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Be specific about where exactly in the Volta Region you are from or going to if you went there on a funeral excursion or tourism. 

I’m from Agbozume and Klikor. You may add, “in the Volta Region” if the person doesn’t know where Agbozume and Klikor are located in Ghana. The people of the Volta Region are not homogeneous in cultures and tribes. So don’t assume the people of the Volta Region are the same. 

There are so many languages and dialectical differences in the languages we speak. The predominant language is Eʋe but the Eʋe language has dialectical differences. So is the culture. The people of the Volta Region have different festivals celebrated to commemorate some special historical events such as Hogbetsotso, Kente, war victory, etc. 

The people of Agortime Kpetoe use Nene (as Dangbe or Daŋme) as the title of their chiefs while the Aŋlɔs use Tɔgbui or Torgbui while others write Togbe

The southerners eat Akple (Akple is generic. It means varieties) as staple while those in the middle belt eat fufu as staple.  

Religiously, the people of the Volta Region practice both Traditional Religion and Christianity just like any Region in Ghana. You would be surprised to note that Christianity came to the Volta Region long before some regions experienced Christianity. 

Some of you, out of ignorance, lack of Home sense, envy, etc., always want to cast a slur on the Region making it look like the people are into juju. Don’t we have bosom in Akan lands or Wɔŋŋ in Galand? There’s an idol in most homes in all the regions. Where from Duabɔ, using eggs and schnapps to invoke the wrath of a deity or river god on someone? 

Sometimes our own kin and kith are to blame. Some of you have sold your culture and dignity to look like ‘foreigners’. As soon as you marry non-Ewe, you turn to assume the culture of your spouse, training your children to turn their backs to Ewe culture. 

Marriage doesn’t mean “Assimilation.”  Remember that no matter how long a log lives in water, it would never turn into a crocodile 🐊 or a leopard 🐆 can never change its spots. 

You can pretend not to be an Eʋevi! What you ARE is what you WILL always be. The fowl is never ashamed of its hencoop. Go speaking those ‘foreign’ languages with your children.

Source: Dr. Wisdom Peter Awuku/ Facebook 

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