The Four Divisions and Sixteen Clans of Tanyigbe.

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As previously narrated, Tanyigbe is made up of four divisions and sixteen clans. The four divisions in order of seniority are Anyigbe, Etoe, Atidze and Dzaƒe. I will be sharing some information on the four divisions with you in serialised posts as we commemorate the Ghana month.

We begin the series with Anyigbe. The name Anyigbe literally means “down the hill” or “lower-end”. Some of the divisions in Tanyigbe acquired their names by where their forebears first settled when we arrived at Gborxome (the last settlement before our present site).

As you may recall, the people of Tanyigbe made several stopovers on our journey from Togo (Ŋɔtsie) to our current location. When we arrived at Gborxome, we stayed together in one space – note that back then, the population was much less than it is today, so we stayed together. The people of Anyigbe were said to have occupied the lower-end (Anyigbemɛ) of the settlement, thus the name.
Anyigbe is made up of four clans. In order of seniority, the clans are Kodivi, Anyidoto, Ʋlivi, and Deƒeme.

Kodivi Clan
The people of Kodivi are referred to as Kodiviwo or Kodivitɔwo, simply meaning the children or descendants of Kodi. Remember Kodi is the first Fiaga of Tanyigbe; Togbe Kodi Adiko I. The Kodivi clan is the senior-most clan in Anyigbe. Kodivi is the seat of the Fiaga (Paramountcy) of Tanyigbe, and that is my clan. Each clan is made up of a number of families; therefore, you will find people of different last names belonging to one clan. The family names in the Kodivi clan are Adiko, Adoe, Agordzo, Biney, Kette, Klu, and Ketetsie.

Anyidoto Clan
The people of Anyidoto are referred to as Anyidototɔwo. History has it that at Gborxome, they settled close to the clay quarry where clay was being mined to build huts for dwelling. Anyidoto literally means the “edge of the clay quarry”. They are the second in seniority in Anyigbe. The Divisional chief and Divisional Queenmother of Anyigbe come from the Anyidoto clan; Togbe Kwami Akoto V and Mama Afua Amenɔvi Hiadzi I respectively.
Family names from the Anyidoto clan include Azumah, Kpodo, Hiadzi (Deh), Akoto, Fedieley, Xetor, Kagbe, Amevor, Morti, Agbovi, Fiagbor, Apaka, Atsutse, Fuadedzi, Kpetse, Amexo. And to add that my wife comes from the Anyidoto clan

Ʋlivi Clan
The people of Ʋlivi are known to have a great voice for singing. They are also described as excellent whistlers. Ʋli is a bird that moves in multitudes singing and making beautiful whistling sounds. The people of Ʋlivi are said to have acquired their name from the Ʋli bird because of their melodious voice and prowess in singing and whistling. This talent of the Ʋliviwo attracted them to Togbe Kodi I, who invited them to stay with him, so they could sing for him while they also relay messages from him to his subjects and vice versa. The Ʋlivi clan became the Tsiamiga (Chief Linguist) of Tanyigbe, and they remain so to date. Family names in the Ʋlivi clan include Sunu, Wuttor, Asamoah, Bimah, Asem, Ankukumah, Adzasu and Bandoh.

Deƒeme Clan
The people of Deƒeme are referred to as Deƒemetowo. Deƒeme literally means house of palm trees. They acquired this name because of where they were located at Gborxome. Their settlement was filled with palm trees and the calming shade that came with it. Family names in the Deƒeme clan are Drah (Hini), Asem, Adzasu, Attah.

Though there are different families and clans in Anyigbe, we are all related in one way or the other. Some of the different surnames today can be traced back to one forefather. Many of us are cousins, siblings, in-laws etc. Anyigbe acquired the appellation “Adzasi Kotoko” – a slogan that describes us as united and a formidable force to reckon with. It is said that if you touch one, you touch all.

source: Togbega Kodi Adiko VI

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