Tension brews at Kpetoe as teachers demand justice for a colleague who suffered brutality- FULL DETAILS !

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There is an uneasy calm at Kpetoe, a town located in the Agotime-Ziope District of the Volta Region, as teachers demand justice for a colleague who was brutally attacked by persons believed to be workers of a construction group. 

According to chilly accounts of the unfortunate incident available to rymcitigh.com, the victim, an ICT teacher at Kpetoe E. P. Primary School, named one Mr. Emmanuel Ansah, was attacked on Sunday, 22nd May, 2022, at 9pm within the school premises. 

He revealed that while he was at the ICT Laboratory, he heard some noises coming from outside. As a teacher in the school, that surely tickled his fancy. When he went out, he saw three young men smoking a substance suspected to be ‘wee’ within the school precinct. His reaction was non-confrontational. He went back to the laboratory in order to finish up with the work at hand but the noise kept coming in. At that point, he decided to go out again and sit on the corridor. He stated categorically that he did nothing untoward while outside. He was only fixated on his mobile phone just to while away the time. 

He further narrated that while outside, one of his learners and her mother passed by and he engaged them in a conversation briefly. According to him, it was after their departure that the drama leading to his attack ensued. He revealed that the three men suddenly approached him and demanded that he handed over his mobile phone to them, a command that he declined. Subsequently, his identity became an issue and he made it known to them clearly that he was a teacher at the school. 

He disclosed that in an attempt to identify who he was with the help of the catechist whose house was not far away, the perpetrators of the crime used a big rod to hit his head leaving him with a deep cut in the process. This was after several conspiracies. As he became incapacitated, they pounced on him further by smashing his hand with the same rod. In addition to the head injury, he has suffered shoulder dislocation and one of his fingers was badly damaged. His phone was also taken away from him in the process. 

He narrated that even though the resident  pastor who doubles as the Local Manager of the school arrived at the scene later, his countenance did not help issues at all. He felt he did not lend him a listening ear after it became evident that the three men, who were known construction workers roofing the church building located in the school, had goofed. 

Realizing the severity of the injury sustained as a result of the attack, he lodged a formal complaint at the Kpetoe Police Station and subsequently sought for medical help at the town’s health centre. Two out of the three attackers were however picked up for questioning with one on the run. 

The GNAT Local Chairman at Kpetoe, Mr. John Mensah, admitted that the incident would go down in history as one of the darkest days. He was not happy with the posture assumed by the Local Manager of the school. He also cautioned that the issue should be handled with care so that it does not affect academic work since most teachers are ready to lay down their tools in solidarity. 

In a related development, officials from the district education office were in the school on Wednesday, 25th May, 2022, to calm nerves and solidarise with the teachers. There were assurances that the issue would receive the needed attention in order to engender an enabling atmosphere for academic work to thrive.

The victim is however, recuperating well and assured of all the necessary medical help possible to regain full fitness. 


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  1. It’s just unfornate how the local manager who doubles as the resident pastor reacted after the attack on the said teacher. The teachers of the school are really complaining bitterly about the pastor’s relationship with them and the headmaster too is not doing much about the relationship between the teachers and the pastor because he (the headmaster) is one of the cathecists in the same church.

    When a teacher offends, problem.
    When a teacher becomes a victim of an attack too, some leaders will only go about looking for the faults by which they can blame the teacher.
    Looks like it’s a crime to be a teacher.

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