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Dzodze is among areas in the country noted for the production of palm oil and other palm products. Unfortunately, the oil palm industry in Dzodze has taken a nosedive in recent times. 

To revamp the economy of the area, the chiefs and elders of Dzodze decided to go back to what once fed them by establishing a plantation and a plant for processing palm fruits into oil and other products that led to the introduction of the Deza Festival.

The name DZODZE is made up of two terms that describe the fascinating history of their ancestors. In relation to the town’s name, DZO means “To Fly,” and DZE means “To Land.”

The idea that the residents of this town did not migrate along the same paths as the Ewe people and instead “Flew and Landed” in their present position in the Ketu-North Municipal of the Volta Region gave rise to the name Dzodze.

The primary celebration of the Dzodze population, DEZA, honors the region’s thriving palm oil industry.

The festival, DEZA, which stands for “Palm” and “Festival,” will begin on September 23 and end on October 1st with the major Durbar.

The much-anticipated “MAMA DEZA” Beauty Pageantry, which is scheduled for September 30th, will return thanks to MIKE Multimedia’s collaboration with the Chiefs and People of Dzodze, making this year’s Dzodze DEZA much more fascinating!

The idea to having one of the popular musicians from Dzodze, Startick Tsite, release the song “Your Queen” as the pageant’s theme song is particularly original.

The Dzodze people’s main holiday, DEZA, recognizes the flourishing palm oil industry in the area.

The DEZA event, which stands for “Palm” and “Festival,” started on September 23 and was crowned with a grand durbar on October 1.

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