Drama in Keta-Tetekope as indigenes fight off planned construction of town road-DETAILS!

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Indigenes from Tetekope in the Keta Municipality are up in arms against the MCE of the area for failing to consult them on a planned construction of their area road.

According to details available to rymcitigh.com, the people, led by their community leaders, resisted attempts by the Municipal Asssembly to get the work started on the 5th October, 2022. It was reported that while the workers were on site ready to begin work, the town folks came in their numbers and prevented them from going ahead.

The Assemblyman of Tetekope Electoral Area, Hon. Benjamin Dzodzorme, who was not happy with the attitude of the MCE revealed that the practice has become a stock in trade of the powers that be for a while now. He indicated that they have been deceived severally into believing that the right things would be done but it never happened. He also disclosed that there was no community consultation done prior to the commencement of the work and questioned why that should be so.

In addition to the stand-off, the town folks are also alleging that the only reason the MCE is eager for the work to start is due to a funeral of a renowned person in the community.

“No one is against development. Let it be on record. We also want our roads to be constructed but it should not be done in secrecy and haphazardly. They have always deceived us on the construction thing. It does not happen. We can speak on authority that the road in its current state is better than how it would look after the grading. If they are not ready to fully complete it, then it would be better they do not touch it”- some indigenes fumed.

Further sources revealed that the MCE, Honourable Emmanuel Gemegah, was only fulfilling a promise made months ago on Jubilee Radio about the construction of some roads in the Keta township. He mentioned Aborigines Road, Tetekope Road, Goba Road and Ghanakpedzi road and the Torkor road.

Even though there were assurances from the MCE that the move was a way of bringing some facelift to the roads in the township, the people would have none of that. He revealed that as a representative of the government at the local level, it was imperative for him to superintend over projects that would alleviate the sufferings of his people. It was his prayer that the people who are creating the unnecessary tension would look at the bigger picture for the process to start smoothly.

In order to prevent further tension in the area, security had been beefed up. Work is expected to go on as planned.


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