Hohoe teachers make bold statements in beautiful Ghanaian native wears monthly -DETAILS! 

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As part of efforts in promoting the idea of wearing made-in-Ghana native wears and strengthening collective bonds through culture, teachers in the Hohoe Municipality are always a sight to behold on the last Fridays of every month.

According to details available to rymcitigh.com, the initiative is a well-thought out innovation introduced to blend culture and education since they are both mutually exclusive. Aside the culture bit is also the fostering of unity amongst teachers from different backgrounds. The idea according to sources, was birthed by the Hohoe Municipal Director of Education, Ms Janet Valerie Datsa, and since then, teachers have never disappointed in helping the initiative grow. On last Fridays in the month, various school premises are always awashed with beautiful styles of African prints and native wears. Not even workers at the educational office are left out of the healthy culture showcase. 

Mr. Sam Y. Kaletsi, a teacher at St. Francis’ College Demonstration Primary School, who spoke to our team was full of praise for the Education Director for the singular efforts in promoting cultural awareness and unity amongst the teaching class. In his words, the initiative has helped give meaning to the true spirit of Africanism. He also revealed that the learners are becoming enlightened on the cultural uniqueness of their beloved country, Ghana. 

Some other teachers who spoke on anonymity hailed the proponent of the initiative for her genuine efforts in helping strengthen ties because teachers in the municipality come from various part of the country. They reckon that the idea would go a long way in strengthening ties and bonds. 

The innovation started in 2022, with overall endorsement from the Education Directorate. From all indications, the teachers are happy. 

The message from the teachers in the Hohoe Municipality is loud and clear. No country can go without projecting her own story to the rest of the world. It is their hope that the idea would be sustained and replicated across the length and breadth of the country.


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