Chaos at AVESCO as teachers show solidarity for a colleague who was attacked by a student- DETAILS! 

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Teachers in Ave Senior High School, a second cycle institution located in the Akatsi North District in the Volta Region, have resolved to lay down their tools over an attack on their colleague by a student. They have also threatened to seek transfer from the school en masse. 

According to accounts, the sad incident occurred on Thursday, 2nd March, 2023, at exactly 8:45 pm. On what really happened, it was disclosed that the victim, one Mr.  Innocent Agblorti, was performing his teacher-on-duty roles and found a section of students who were believed to be of the opposite sex under a tree in the darkness during prep hours. 

The story went on to reveal that after scolding the students for misusing prep hours and asking them to get back to class, one of the students picked up a stone and attacked the teacher with it. The development left him unconscious as he drowned in his own blood. 

Later that evening, when he was rushed to the nearest health facility for treatment, the medical officials referred the case to the St. Anthony Hospital at Dzodze in the Ketu North Municipality due to the severity of his condition. Throughout the period, the victim, Mr. Innocent Agblorti, was unconscious. 

What has left the entire teaching staff furious, according to reports, is the fact that the school authorities, especially management, has not taken any punitive action against the perpetrator. The fact that the student has been seen moving about as though nothing has happened bothers them a lot. 

The staff, overwhelmingly, have endorsed the idea of laying down their tools in solidarity of their injured colleague. There are also plans of seeking immediate transfer from the school to send a strong signal to the authorities for their inertia on the unfortunate incident. 

Mr. Innocent Agblorti is said to have regained consciousness and is responding well to treatment. 


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What really has led to the breakdown of discipline in second cycle schools across the length and breadth of the country? Are the problems self-inflicted? 

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