NDC Parliamentary Elections: Lawyer Ivan Yao Akrobotu Woos Delegates as Race to Parliament Heightens in the Anlo Constituency- DETAILS! 

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When young people dare to dream in contributing their unfettered quota to the forward march of their country, ours, as a larger society, is to encourage them. It has to be said that age should never inhibit opportunity. Instead, it should be the springboard for dreams to be achieved and grounds to be broken. Today, the spotlight is on a generational thinker who has the development of the Anlo Constituency at heart. 

Ivan Yao Akrobotu, a fine legal luminary, since making his intentions known to contest as the Parliamentary Candidate for the Anlo Constituency under the ticket of the NDC, has really been making positive incursions. He is exactly what others think he is because of the verve and social orientation he brings to the table. He is definitely no pushover as far as an in-depth understanding of developmental issues are concerned. 

The LL.B and the Professional Law Certificate holder from the University of London and Ghana School of Law respectively, revealed to the rymcitigh team that before becoming a lawyer, he had trained as a teacher from the St. Francis Teacher Training College(FRANCO), Hohoe and as a journalist from the Ghana Institute of Journalism, Accra. Aside his revealing educational background, Ivan disclosed that he has always been an integral part of the NDC in the Anlo Constituency. Externally, his roles during the 2020 General Elections, alongside Prof. Ahorlu and Dr.Helu could not have been a fluke. He was part of the team detailed by the party from the Head Office, to train core constituency officers from all constituencies in the Volta Region on Polling Station Activities and Behaviour. 

Chronicling the big decision to make himself available to serve his people, he recalled that in 2019, he had very compelling calls from the grassroot of the party in the constituency, notable elders in the party and friends to contest the primaries but he declined due to a number of personal reasons. But now, he feels, the time is ripe to cause the positive change. 

On what the Anlo Constituency needs, he opined strongly that the constituency has to be a lot more visible in the legislative house and competitive in the committee of MPs. He disclosed that the current happenings do not put the constituency in the limelight at all. 


Ivan believes strongly in the forward march of the constituency and anything befitting that would engender growth and make livelihoods sustainable. Currently, by dint of his thoughtfulness, there is an online Anlo TV channel in the offing. There is also a website for the propagation of contents from the enclave. The idea is to give the constituency the much needed marketability it deserves as this has always been his primary concern. Job opportunities would also be created at the long run. 

On trade, he disclosed that what he dubbed “The Anlo Project” is an embodiment of an innovation that would bring development to the enclave. He revealed that two additional markets are needed to augment the existing ones since the functional ones are getting over-stretched. The said markets would be situated at Tegbi and Shime to harness the produce coming from the areas earmarked. The mango season at Tegbi and the booming production of local gin (akpeteshie) and mat at Shime, call for proper policy guidelines. It is the reason situating markets in both areas would inure greatly to their local economies. A central point is always needed for these plans to thrive. He believes, he is the man to make the transformational agenda possible. 

In terms of his plans for the education sector, he is way ahead of his competitors. He is of the strongest conviction that there should be one tertiary institution in the Anlo Constituency. Once the plan yields dividends, an affiliation to a school with a firm background in the course aforementioned would be the icing on the cake. Other infant technical and vocational institutions in the enclave would be upgraded to befitting status. The move is to free up Anlo Technical Institute to be upgraded to a tertiary status with an engineering campus opened to boost the constituency’s economy. 

When his final words were sought, he rejected people’s orientation that he is too young to lead the constituency. In his words, as a lawyer, he holds briefs daily based on his skills and competences and as such, has always demonstrated his advocacy ability at fora that require highly technical acumen and understanding of law and its ‘birthing’ than required in the legislature. He reckoned that largely, his possession of a unique ability in Law Reform that has seen him in a number of projects over the years should prove handy. He trusts that the delegates would look within and think about the greater good of the constituency come May 2023 when the internal contest comes calling. 

Indeed, leadership should never be about how old you are but how one’s competences and skills should be explored to bring about a desirable change. There is no denying the fact that the presence of Lawyer Ivan Yao Akrobotu would help project the Anlo Constituency further and make it a powerful force to reckon with. 

We, at rymcitigh.com, can only wish him well on this journey. After all, it is for the betterment of the masses that leaders should serve and not otherwise. 

Go for the ultimate, Efo Xorseli. May the proverbial fortune that favours the bold, work magic in your journey as well. 

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