Charles Agbeve familiarizes with staff and students of AGOSEC; donates some bags of cement- DETAILS!

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The Honourable Member of Parliament for the Agotime-Ziope Constituency, Charles Agbeve, has paid a visit to AGOSEC, one of the two senior high schools in his constituency. 

According to details available to, the visit formed part of his familiarization tour to get acquainted with challenges faced by the school and the possible ways of providing solutions to them. He was in the company of some constituency executives, branch executives and concerned citizens of Agotime. 

The NDC Agotime-Ziope Constituency Chairman in his message to the staff and students, recounted how some issues confronting the school came to his desk some months ago. He promised everyone that all would be done to promote effective teaching and learning in the school by the MP. 

The MP who was elated for making an appearance at the school, expressed gratitude to the staff for their roles in helping the school achieve its mandate as far as the academic wellbeing of the students was concerned. He informed the staff and students that the dire financial crisis of the country had become an albatross and never going away. In his words, the development has made it difficult for projects undertaken by his office to be executed. He recounted the issues bedeviling the country and how it has led to the inertia in terms of payments of Common Funds for projects to be done.

He further disclosed that most constituents hold MPs to strict proof even though they are not developmental agents. He was however quick to add that because of the posture exhibited before elections on political platforms, such calls were expected. The MP disclosed that appeals made in the past to build a modern administration flat for the school went through all the stages but got hitched at the eleventh hour due to liquidity issues. 

He paid glowing tributes to the Concerned Citizens of Agotime for helping him take up the challenge of correcting some of the infrastructure gap in the constituency. He drummed home the need for the quality of education not to be compromised even in the face of financial challenges. 

He assured the school of his preparedness to assist in helping grow and nurture the human capital. He advised that work on the science courses should be improved since Science and Mathematics are the bedrock of every nation and must be seen as such. There were accounts of some actions taken in the past to help improve academic work in the school. Fencing of the school has been topical on his agenda. 

Finally, the MP commended the staff for their roles in shaping the future of the students under their care. He revealed that students who had passed through the four walls of AGOSEC are rubbing shoulders with those from the elite schools. He advocated for the school to be selected when prospective first year students are being placed. He spoke vehemently about the attitude of the parents in the town towards the school. Assurances that the necessary sensitization would be done so that there would be a change of mindset were given. He promised coming back to the school to foster more cooperation. 

The Headmaster of the school expressed gratitude to the MP and his entourage for their roles in helping the school grow through the storm. He reminded the MP about the plans in putting up a new administration flat since it is urgent. He recounted the initiatives done by the staff to help improve academic work in the school and called for assistance from the Concerned Agotime Citizens Association.


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