Know your Rulers of the Anlo State and their Clans- DETAILS!

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The leader and the highest recognized traditional authority of the Anlo State is given the title Awoamefia. History has it that an order of ascending unto the throne was made by the first ruler of the State who out of magnanimity, rewarded the Bate Clan for helping retrieve the Awoamezi from Notsie. The system is being practiced today during the selection process. Whenever there is the need, the old order of alternating is always seen out by the kingmakers. Anlos do not practice a monarchical system.


  1. Torgbui Sri I (1468-1504) – Adzovia
  2. Torgbui Adeladza I (1504-1524)- Bate
  3. Torgbui Zanyedo I (1525-1538)- Adzovia
  4. Torgbui Akotsui I (1540-1568) – Bate
  5. Torgbui Nditsi I (1568-1594)- Adzovia
  6. Torgbui Adzanu I (1595-1630)- Bate
  7. Torgbui Agodomatu I (1631-1660)-Adzovia
  8. Torgbui Agoleha I (1661-1685)- Bate
  9. Torgbui Axolu Nunya I (1686-1725)- Bate
  10. Torgbui Atsia I (1726-1776)- Adzovia
  11. Torgbui Atsiasa I (1784-1810) -Adzovia
  12. Torgbui Letsa Gbagba I (1810-1840)- Bate
  13. Torgbui Amedor Kpegla I (1849-1906)- Bate
  14. Torgbui Sri II (1906-1956))- Adzovia
  15. Torgbui Adeladza II (1957-1997)- Bate
  16. Torgbui Sri III (till date) – Adzovia

For the records, it is common knowledge that

when Torgbui Adeladza II passed on, the Awadada of the Anlo State, Torgbui Agbesi Awusu II from the Agave Clan, assumed acting role until a substantive Awomefia was installed. Even though there were issues which almost derailed the sanctity of the Anlo State after the demise of Torgbui Adeladza II, a successful installment of the current Awoamefia brought finality to every lingering issues then.

In all, Anlo has fifteen clans and each has a role to play as far as the traditional set-up is concerned. There are others who are the kingmakers as well.

There are other wing chiefs who assist the Awoamefia to discharge his duties. Torgbui Nyaho Tamakloe VI is the Dufia of Whuti and Miafiaga (left wing) of the Anlo State whilst Torgbui Gbordzor is the Dusifiaga (right wing) of the Anlo State. He also doubles as the Dufia of Woe. Torgbui Zewu IV performs his role as the Dufia of Anloga.


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