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Meet Madam Bridget Yayra Dzikunu, Selorm’s auntie and a teacher at E. P. C. Mawuko Girls’ SHS who played an indispensable role for the GMB crown to make a return to the Volta Region. She is christened “Selorm’s Charm”. 

During the contest, when things became tough, she stood behind her niece to ensure that she kept her head in the competition. The successes chalked during the Mama Yakagbe presentation and the subsequent achievements could not have come without her in the picture. There were times that she had to personally assist Selorm to execute her task on stage. She helped. She really coordinated affairs. 

When the Rymcitigh Team had a one-on-one with her, she had this to say. 

“Working with my niece, Selorm has been a great experience. All I can say is, Selorm is a fast learner. She is someone who can take any pressure you put on her on condition that it falls within her taste. She doesn’t just take things you tell her hook, line and sinker unless it’s innate. Once she is bent on doing something she believes will work in her favour, she does all it takes to achieve it”.

This is testament to the fact that behind every success, there are linchpins whose roles can never be forgotten. We can only thank her and the rest of the team for a job well done. 

Source: Rymcitigh News Desk

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