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Meet Mr. Eric Elikem Korku Gbemu, a teacher by profession but now a worker at DHL. The “Pusher” as nicknamed was another indomitable voice behind the scenes when the heat was on. He is Selorm’s uncle. 

As the Volta Region still continue to celebrate the victory, a little bird has whispered to the Rymcitigh Team that his influence was highly felt because he understood the assignment perfectly. It is the reason Selorm’s victory cannot be celebrated without him. One may have all the ideas to do something but if the “Pusher” is not there, it would only remain an illusion. He was there to lend his support in an unmeasurable form. 

He wrote this to celebrate the win. 

“Humble beginning.

We asked for your votes, supports and feedbacks.

We had challenges

She cried many times

We were tough with her scripts bearing in mind feedbacks from you

Most humbling has been the supports from volta chiefs especially the anlo chiefs and avenor chiefs.

For some chiefs, who came yesterday for the grand finale to call me forward and blessed me, that was chillingly memorable.

Here is your queen,

Selorm, GMB2023.

My beautiful niece from Glikpome.

Now you know why I have been IN from day one”.

Now, you know why the advent of the nuclear family system should not lead to the complete breakdown of the extended structure. It is clear that when it comes down to some final details and fine-tuning, the support from everyone is needed. The aunties, the uncles, the nephews, the cousins, the grandparents et al, are the real valuable persons. 

Some useful lessons learnt going forward.  

Story: Rymcitigh News Desk

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