Mama Blolui: ancient, valuable and untainted- DETAILS!

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A society that fails to acknowledge historical facts and events, could as a matter of principle, be denying the younger generation knowledge. Today, we explore and reminisce on one of Anloga’s ancient rivers that has stood the test of time- clean and economical.

According to the narration, the Blolui River is under the authority of the Ameawo Clan. In fact, there are a lot of historical references to date and how it has been of immense help to the people in that part of Anloga. 

Mama Blolui as widely called, has religiously guarded the sustenance of the river since time immemorial. History has it that in spite of the  economic venture that she offers, there are basic rules and regulations that have sustained her existence. On a normal day, no one should be seen wearing a red dress or shirt when fishing in the river. There is also another fact that people who eat a day-old akple popularly known as “etsɔkple” are not allowed to go near the river and by extension, the forest which is an accompaniment. Defy the order and blame yourself later. 

With regard to the forest which once housed a swarm of bees belonging to the deity, Mama Blolui, people are prohibited from entering the forest to pick anything without approval. One that came to mind was the picking of snail. It is said that occasionally, Mama Blolui herself comes out of the river to observe nature. There were so many untraceable stories of people meeting her. 

Fast forward, a pilgrimage to the place revealed that the forest, due to the changing face of society, has been deforested with the bees no where to be found. Sources say they might have been angered by the continuous disregard of their rules. 

Notwithstanding, the river’s beauty has not diminished at all. It is still there serving the people economically. It is clean as never before. 


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