The Shime Market that never saw the light of day; residents still want it after decades of neglect-READ!

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The Shime market, situated at Klomi-Kpota Junction in the Adzato Electoral Area of the Anloga District was begun in the early 90s by the then Member of Parliament for the Anlo Constituency, Honourable Clend Mawuko Sowu.

Due to the inflow of fish and other hot commodities coming from that part of the district, it became economically viable that a market was built in that regard to serve the people. This decision was also to prevent them from commuting to and fro Anloga and Keta markets in order to sell their wares.

Abandoned Shime market located at Kpota junction

According to reports from the community, the residents, realizing the economic importance of that intervention, applauded the then MP for thinking about them. However, nearly three decades after erecting some structures on the proposed site, nothing has been done to officially put the place to good use. It has however remained unused and all this while, left to rot.

Most of the roofings of the structures in the market have been looted and the place is left bushy with rodents and reptiles taking it over . Follow ups were done in the past to make sure that the market served its right purpose but the calls never yielded any result. The residents bemoaned how the national cake has not been shared properly and fairly.

Abandoned Shime market located at Kpota junction

“If the authorities are aware that the structures are not going to be put to use, why did they put so much money into its construction? We need a market since government has over the years denied us of good roads to help make transportation easier”, some angry traders lamented.

Abandoned Shime market located at Kpota junction

Until help comes their way, the people of Kpordui, Amenyokorpe, Adzato, Tregui, Benadzi, Nyikutor, Trekume, Blamazado, Sakome and Agorbledokui would have to send their goods to Anloga, Keta and Dabala markets for patronage.

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