“Aka pɛɛ gake atsi” now known as present day “Akatsi”-DETAILS!

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A story is told of how people from other towns bring their wares to sell at one of Volta Region’s commercial hubs.

According to the details, the merchants usually promised not to keep long in the market but since they would not want to return home without selling all their merchandise, some remain there several days untill they were done selling. So, they were confronted with the question, “Menye wòe ka be yeme asia tsi ge oa?” Then, they answered, “Meka gake metsi lo. Aka pɛɛ gake atsi”.

Akatsi College of Education

Predominantly, the people from Akatsi are farmers and petty traders. The town is strategically placed economically and attractive to investors therefore can boast of one of the biggest markets in the Volta Region.

Akatsi is also nicknamed “Mɔnenu” or “Four Junction” because of the popular crossroads that existed right in the center of the town

Akatsi township

It is the only town in the Southern-Volta to boast of a training college for teachers. Akatsi College of Education has really lived up to its mandate by helping train professional teachers and contributing to the educational reforms all these years.

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